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The Infobahn is interactive public access programming. It is free to all and utilizes teleconferencing technology to facilitate digital community and self discovery through free classes, group activities, panels, lectures, and exhibitions. The Infobahn functions as a result of its visitors. It is made possible by their participation, with the hope that they will leave their visit feeling closer to themselves.

The different programming types which involve a differing number of participants allows anyone visiting The Infobahn to explore a variety of different social experiences mediated via the web.

Activities happen (on average) about once a day. Visitors can access the activities through a zoom link attached to an eventbrite event, or can choose to view a live stream over twitch. All activities require little to no materials needed in order to participate. Depending on the kind of activity (class, workshop, panel, lecture, experience, performance, discussion) it may be one person leading or hosting the group, or more of a freeform platform for everyone to contribute. All sessions of The Infobahn are archived on the website in order to preserve and show the interactions and people who have visited.

Above all, the programming at The Infobahn is designed to foster vulnerability and connection between visitors who may be strangers to one another, whether it be through directly courageous conversations or silly and foolish exercises. The Infobahn can serve to encourage emotional and interpersonal tact online, so that these skills can be translated into different offline environments.